• BJ Motors Offers New Gen V Viper Performance Products

    BJ Motors is constantly looking for the best ways to enhance performance. Now Gen V Viper owners will be able to enhance their vehicle's performance with our top notch kits that will be available through Viper Exchange. Packages will be released in phases and available throughout the year and into 2016.

    The first release is the Stage I Venom Controller. This impressive kit is available immediately for $1,100 and packs the punch to get the job done. The kit features a revised fuel, spark, and cam position. Misfire detection, air flow rationality, and the catalyst monitor have all been disabled for peak performance. Rev limits increase to 6600 RPM. The kit is not intended to work with turbochargers or superchargers.

    The second release is the Stage II Fixed Camshaft/Cylinder Head that will be available later in 2015. The fixed cam has increased lift and duration. ARH headers and high flow exhaust are included. The kit boasts increased performance cylinder heads and an increased intake valve size. Performance valve springs, lifters, and pushrods are also planned to be part of the kit. The kit is still under development but the minds at BJ Motors and Viper Exchange are hard at work to finalize the product for release.

    Stage III Sledgehammer will be released in 2016 and will be available exclusively through Viper Exchange. The Twin Screw 4.3L Supercharger will have an estimated output of 900 BHP at 6psi boost. A high flow fuel system and modified front cover for FEAD will be included, as well as front pulleys and the idler system. The system is sure to impress racing enthusiasts as they achieve peak performance for their Gen V Vipers.

    We're pleased to announce these new products. If you have any questions regarding the kits, please contact the bright minds at BJ Motors at (800) 270-1608.
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