• Hold On! You're In For An 'Insane' Ride!

    All Photos Courtesy of Tesla Motors

    If your friend told you their car had an "insane mode" you'd probably think they were joking, right? Well if your friend drives a Tesla Model S P85D, you should start taking them seriously. As it turns out, they aren't joking at all.

    By now it's apparent that the minds at Tesla like to have fun. They took the liberty of adding a feature officially called "Insane Mode" to the P85D edition of the Model S. The feature allows drivers to take off from a still position at full horsepower, taking it from 0-60 in only 3.2 seconds. The car tops out at 155 miles per hour, which is nothing short of impressive, particularly since the vehicle is all electric. That's right -- Tesla created an incredible car that will literally take your breath away without the use of a gasoline engine.

    If that weren't enough, the vehicle also features all-wheel drive. The vehicle features two motors - one in the front and one in the rear - to distribute power as needed to the wheels. The dual system is not only more efficient, but also allows the vehicle to maintain better traction and perform safely in conditions of all kinds. For the past three years, the Model S has maintained the highest safety rating ever given to a car- a full five stars.

    The safety isn't just in the drivetrain, but also in the functionality of the car, particularly the autopilot function. The vehicle utilizes a front-facing camera, radar, real-time traffic updates, and sonar on all sides to detect nearby vehicles and safely guide it on both open roads and in dense traffic. And if you're still facing parallel parking woes, don't worry because the Model S can handle that for you too. The car will actually park itself.

    If all of this technology and excitement under the hood isn't enough for you, the vehicle packs a whopping 17-inch display screen for all of your computing needs. The touchscreen manages everything within the vehicle. A simple swipe of the screen allows you to open the all-glass panoramic roof. Touch the screen to lock the doors or turn on the headlights. You can even sync your calendar and utilize realtime traffic reports from Google to make sure you get to your business meeting on time.

    The sedan may not have the sleek styling and features of a sports car, but it certainly performs like one and it has the price tag to match at an estimated $160,000.

    Is this the car of your dreams or is Tesla barking up the wrong tree?
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