• Magna Steyr Unveils Their Latest Innovation at Geneva Motor Show

    All Photos Courtesy of Magna Steyr

    The Geneva International Motor Show 2015 starts this week and is sure to provide attendees with a bevy of impressive vehicles they would love to drive home. After 110 years, the auto show has premiered many new model and concept cars. The Swiss event is one of the biggest automotive events each year and is sure to be the unveiling of some technologically and aesthetically beautiful rides. Amongst them will be the Magna Steyr MILA Plus.

    The MILA Plus, a plugin hybrid sports car, is a conceptual vehicle with plenty to offer. Nestled in at stand 6261, Magna will unveil a beautiful new car with the excellent technology to back it. The two-seater sports car will offer high performance with the eco-friendly demand of today's drivers.

    Coming in around 3350 pounds, the car's lightweight design is assisted by the extruded aluminum frame and light plastic panels. The plastic body is not just lightweight, but it also offers more unique styling and is corrosive-resistant.

    The hybrid system that powers the vehicle consists of a 3-cylinder gas engine and two electric motors - one on each axel for ample control and increased drivability. The car is expected to reach 62 miles per hour in 4.9 seconds, while the electric motors alone can reach 50 miles per hour in 3.6 seconds. That's all with an output of 268 bhp and torque of 786 pound feet. The all-wheel drive system will provide the vehicle with outstanding performance for handling, particularly around turns.

    Even with this high level performance, the vehicle still remains eco-friendly. The vehicle is expected to drive 310 miles on one tank, of which 43.5 miles is in all-electric mode. Average CO2 emissions are estimated at just about 20 grams per mile.

    This is the eight release for the engineering heads over at Magna Steyr and it certainly offers the stylish design and innovative hybrid technology that is sure to draw car lovers to their display.

    Would it catch your attention or would you be moving on to the next stand?
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