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    Become a Vendor to Post Ads
    If you are looking to advertise multiple cars and or parts / services on our forum, you MUST purchase a VENDOR subscription. If you post multiple ads without a subscription, you will be deleted from the forum. To become a vendor, visit this link and use PayPal (available in 6 month and 1 year subscriptions): http://fordgtalley.com/forum/payments.php

    Advertise With Ford GT Alley

    With a quickly-growing audience in the Ford GT industry, you can harness the ability to advertise your product to a certain genre, targeting your advertising dollars more precisely to your needs. Our site traffic is always increasing. Our policy of no-holds-bar on content and posting at Ford GT Alley, encourages users who feel stifled else where, to join our growing community. Want to be part of our growth and presence in the freedom of speech world?

    Here's What To Do:

    Advertising on the Ford GT Alley web site is done via banner ads, and there are two sizes available. For a full-sized leader board banner ad, the size of the image should be 728 pixels wide and 90 pixels high. You can have a single, static image, but if you want to create eye-catching ads, we would suggest making them animated. The images should be in .GIF or .JPG format. (Not .swf)

    Example Leader Board Banner: 728 x 90 px

    When submitting your ad, provide "alternate" text which is shown when someone's browser doesn't have image support, while a graphic loads, or when someone hovers their cursor over the image without clicking.

    We also offer "buttons" on the Forums pages. The button image should be 150 pixels wide and 80 pixels high. The image can be static or animated. The images should be in .GIF or .JPG format.

    Example Button: 150 x 80 px

    Decide on the URL where you want people to be sent in response to the ad. If you don't have a web site, be sure to provide an e-mail address where buyers can contact you.

    Ford GT Alley Advertising Rates:
    July 11, 2012

    This includes Ford GT General Discussions, Ford GT Racing Discussions and Other Ford Discussions, Media forums and the Classifieds section.

    • Rotating leader board Banner is $300 per 6 months
    • Fixed button is $600 per 6 months

    Advertising and banner content is subject to availability and approvals.

    In order to properly set up an ad, the following information is required:
    Advertiser's Name:
    Advertiser's Email:
    Target URL (where you want click-thru's to be sent):
    Alternate Text message (text to appear if browser doesn't support graphics, or as a "tip text" when mouse cursor points to graphic, 20 characters max.):
    Ad duration:
    Ad Zone:
    Total Ad Cost (duration x cost from above table):
    Billing Address:
    Billing Contact:
    Phone Number:
    Fax number:
    Two references that demonstrate you are a legitimate business.

    E-mail the information above to: info@fordgtalley.com.
    Your ad will appear as soon as your payment arrives (use the PayPal button below), your ad is approved and if we have availability. Advertising spots are limited and subject to availability. For information on availability contact: info@fordgtalley.com. The quickest and best way to pay is via PayPal. Make payment on PayPal payable to info@fordgtalley.com or use the PayPal button below.

    Advertisement Type

    Need a banner designed for you? No problem! Our graphic design rates are as follows:

    • Static Banner - $75
    • Animated Button - $75
    • Animated Banner - $150

    Email us to get started! Info@FordGTAlley.com

    Classified Ads Postings

    If you are a vendor / small business, you must purchase a subscription before posting in the Marketplace (classifieds, parts or products). Once you register on our site, visit your Paid Subscription tab to purchase a Vendor Subscription: http://fordgtalley.com/forum/payments.php
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